There was once a time when selling vehicles largely meant understanding the engine under the hood and that was about it.

Nowadays, the technology behind a vehicle’s functioning isn’t limited to the engine. It’s not just under the hood, either.

This progression has coincided with the evolution of F&I departments, as well. In order for yours to evolve, it’s vital that your employees are able to educate customers about the technology in their cars.

The Evolution of F&I Requires Better Educating Customers

The auto industry has come a long way in the past 10 years. The evolution of F&I over the last decade is a perfect example. Between the products that are now available and the technology that can be used to present them to customers, dealerships have more opportunities than ever before to boost their F&I profits.

However, this is only possible if your F&I team is able to educate customers about the technology in the cars you have to offer.

Customer Satisfaction Depends on Effective Education

The first reason for this is that F&I experts can play a major role in improving customer satisfaction at your dealership by helping customers better understand their own needs.

For one thing, they’ll better value the F&I products they purchased. They’ll enjoy real peace of mind instead of feeling like the products were pushed on them.

Secondly, if they actually end up needing those products because one of their technological features don’t work properly anymore, they’ll be extremely grateful that your experts were able to help them understand how important F&I products are.

Increased Competition Means Customer Loyalty Is More Important Than Ever

Another reason your staff must know how to educate customers is because of the growing importance of customer loyalty.

Between online resources and new dealerships sprouting up, your company needs to lock in customers for life. Again, that’s only possible when you educate them as a means of increasing customer satisfaction. When you’re able to inform them into making the right decision – instead of hard selling – you’ll have a customer who looks forward to returning again in the future.

Take Full Advantage of the Ongoing Evolution of F&I

The evolution of F&I will continue as car manufacturers keep finding new ways to outfit their vehicles with cutting-edge technology. This is especially true as this technology keeps finding its way into progressively more affordable vehicles.

Of course, this evolution also refers to the actual F&I technology that can be used to present these products to your customers.

This evolution can either be a challenge to your dealership or an opportunity. At The ACE Group, we focus on helping dealerships like yours make it the latter. Our team can outfit yours with the best possible F&I products and the tech to market them effectively.

Contact us and let’s discuss how our services can help your unique dealership meet its most ambitious goals.

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