While there are many positives about working at an auto dealership, one of the most important is that there tends to be very few limitations to the upwardly mobile-minded. Any employee with the right work ethic will find it’s possible to continuously reach new levels of success.

Still, there’s one caveat.

Unless employees are given the right automotive sales training, that path to ongoing success may be littered with unnecessary pitfalls.

The Truth About Successful Automotive Sales Training

A lot goes into advancing your career at an auto dealership, but few things matter more than experience. The world’s best car salespeople take years and years to completely embrace what works best and what “time-honored” tips to completely ignore.

Understandably, this can be frustrating for otherwise ambitious go-getters on your staff who may be ready to advance their careers now – not years from now when they have enough experience.

Fortunately, you can greatly decrease this timeline by offering your team automotive sales training that is developed from experienced salespeople with a proven track record. Instead of making them learn necessary lessons “in the trenches”, they can quickly advance even after only their first year.

Automotive Sales Training Is About More Than Just Advancing Careers

Another important truth to understand about high-quality auto sales training is that it’s about much more than just helping your staff advance their careers.

Obviously, that’s important. After all, when their career prospects improve, it’s probably because they’re helping to improve your bottom line.

However, just as important is that this kind of training will make it less likely that your most promising individuals decide to leave your dealership.

First, it proves to them that your dealership is happy to invest in their futures. Many salespeople will take time outside of work to build their skills, but all of them will appreciate an employer who shows they want to see them succeed.

Second, it helps distinguish your dealerships from others. As you probably know, many auto dealerships are willing to make all kinds of enticing possibilities to any salesperson ready to jump ship. Of course, most would qualify as “too good to be true.” Instead of pie-in-the-sky promises, show your staff that their futures are best entrusted to working at your dealership.

Would Your Staff Benefit from Automotive Sales Training?

With all this being said, there’s a big difference between automotive sales training that immediately helps drive career-focused results and those that do little more than cover the basics.

At The Ace Group, our mission has always been to provide actionable training that is easy to implement and effective when put to use. Contact us today to learn about how our unique solution will empower your dealership’s employees to reach their most ambitious career goals.