Today’s vehicles are equipped with more technology than ever before, and it’s leaving the repair industry racing to catch up. Whereas a twentieth-century dealership only needed mechanics, modern dealerships need both auto mechanics (who specialize in repairing mechanical parts like a door or tire) and auto technicians (who specialize in diagnosing computers and in-vehicle technology).

With so many technologies to keep track of, dealerships, repair shops, and customers are having a hard time keeping track of it all. This causes miscommunications that can lead to lost sales and further problems down the line. It can all be fixed with regular workshops – here’s how.

The Rising Difficulty of Vehicle Repair

Repairing a car today is nothing like it used to be – even experienced car mechanics need to go back to the books on newer cars. It’s not uncommon for both shops and customers to come across new problems when new technologies are introduced. Both auto technicians and auto mechanics must work together to perform any repairs or maintenance on a vehicle.

Today’s smart technology-enabled cars have interesting rituals. A car with Ford SYNC, for example, needs to have the ignition turned and the gas pedal pressed several times each in the right sequence to reset a key FOB. Even something as simple as an oil change requires resetting the digital gauge using the onboard computer. If a customer changes car brands, there’s a steeper learning curve in getting used to the in-vehicle technology that can cause dissatisfaction.

The Value of Car Repair Workshops

Fortunately, while computerized cars are more complicated, diagnosing and repairing them is made a lot easier too, thanks to the inclusion of the ODB-II port. Your dealership’s mechanics should have access to scanners that plug into the ODB-II port that immediately diagnose the car’s computer to find a lot of the most common issues. It’s not proprietary information, and many companies make devices that plug in to connect to Wi-Fi, your smartphone, and more.

Hosting workshops to share information on these types of tools and repair technology can be a great service for a dealership to provide. Training arms customers with the knowledge necessary to be proactive with vehicle maintenance, which is especially a boon for fleet owners and operators. This means less costly repairs and more repeat business in the long run, as customers will trust you as a subject matter expert in car repair.

Today’s Technology Isn’t Just Limited to Dealerships

Smartphone-enabled diagnostic apps and on-board computers can guide drivers through a lot of vital maintenance and repair schedules. It also helps mechanics point out tips and tricks to customers. Hosting workshops on car repair can build strong customer relationships.

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