Everyone loves those online quizzes that pop up on social media. But did you know that quizzes could help you build an even stronger sales team?  Personality quizzes can help you uncover the best assets on your team and discover the next best potential hire.

So, how can your dealership use personality quizzes to bolster your sales team?  Read on to understand the potential benefits of incorporating this tool into your best practices.

  • Discover the strengths of your current sales team members

Certain personality types thrive on public recognition. Others prefer a discreet bonus on their next paycheck when they do a good job.  Some want their managers to check in with them often. Others feel that constant check-ins mean that they are doing something wrong.

When every member of your sales team feels valued, their job won’t be just about closing deals and earning commissions, but about being a valuable asset and team member. The key is to make each person feel valued in the right way.  The more you understand the members of your sales team, the more you can do to ensure you’re rewarding and retaining your top performers.

  • Hire the right people from the start

I’m sure you’ve hired someone who aced the interview only to realize later that they didn’t mesh with your company culture. No matter how good of an interviewer you are or how complex your questions. There are plenty of guides that can help almost anyone pass an interview process.

The good news is there are personality tests that can help you before you onboard someone to your sales team. They can help ensure a candidate is a right fit for your company and the rest of your team. This will help you build a strong sales team and reduce costs associated with new employee training, high turnover and repeated job listings.

  • Help your sales team grow personally and professionally

Offer personality quizzes as a way for your sales team to improve themselves personally and professionally. They can use them to identify how they can improve their interactions with others, including relationship building, persuasion, judgment and a variety of other aspects. Your sales team can identify strengths and weaknesses, then use the results to improve upon them.

While many personality tests are for fun and games, there are many professionally focused assessments that can be used for sales teams at every stage, from hiring to developing a stronger, more effective team. If you want to improve your sales team’s results, consider using one or more quizzes to help each team member improve both personally and professionally.  For more information on improving sales at your dealership visit The Ace Group.