One of the most critical aspects of automotive sales is training. Not only can training increase the effectiveness of salesmen on the floor, but it’s also a significant contributor to employee engagement. When your employees are actively engaged in what they’re doing it makes for a well-oiled selling machine.

What Will Automotive Sales Training Teach Your Salesmen?

Automotive sales training will help you be more effective at your job and can land you a spot in management someday. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of the auto business, but you’ll also become a lean, mean, selling machine. Trained salesmen drive not only customers off the lot in new cars, but also drive profits home, becoming an asset to peers.

Meet and greets are one of the single most important aspects of any sales job. Those first few moments when customers speak with you can make or break a potential sale. As a car salesman, you need to know how to handle these situations and what to look for.

Customers will analyze you during the meet and greet, and salesmen who don’t pass muster will see the sad sight of a sale driving away. The way you dress, speak, and even your facial expressions are all important indicators that customers will consider carefully. Etiquette is also critical and is one of the areas salesmen need to be trained in the most. You can’t run up to a customer before they can even get out of the car.

Aside from the meet and greet, to really drive profits home, every salesman needs to know the nuances of qualifying customers for financing and how to choose the right vehicles to pitch.

Salesmen also need to understand F&I and what it means for your customers to come up with great deals.

Training Car Salesmen to be Savvy

To be truly effective, your salesmen will need training that goes beyond the formal stuff. Some of the most successful car salesmen look for telltale signs that indicate if a customer is ready to buy.

If the customer comes in with less than a quarter tank of gas and is asking about a trade-in, odds are these customers are serious buyers who aren’t planning on gassing up the old car again. Tricks like that can help your salesmen pick up on customer tells and be more productive on the sales floor.

Get the Training You Need, from ACE, A Leader You Can Trust

When it comes to automotive sales training, Automotive Consulting Enterprises has what you need to succeed. The most important takeaway is that being a salesman on the floor isn’t just a job, it’s a career. For those of you who take your career seriously and choose to invest in yourselves as professionals, training from industry leaders like ACE can make you an asset to any dealership.

Train with the best to work with the best, check out ACE today and ask about our training programs.